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Course Name # of CE Hours Who can take Course Price


Teaching Methodology 1 Adult Learners (Presentation) 12 CT, MT, ET $59.95
Wonderful World of Color (Video) 12 C, CT $59.95
Nail Care 8 Hours (Presentation) 8 C, CT, M, MT $49.95
Nail Care 4 Hours (Presentation) 4 C, CT, M, MT $39.95
Skin Care & Introduction to Microdermabrasion (Video) 8 C, CT, E, ET $49.95
Curls, Curls, Curls & Up-do's (Presentation) 12 C, CT $59.95
Wonderful World of Haircutting (Video) 12 C, CT $59.95
Your Salon, Your Career (Video) 12 C, CT, M, MT, E, ET $59.95
Diseases, Safety, Sanitation, NC Rules (Video) 4 C, CT, M, MT, E, ET $39.95
C=Cosmetologist CT=Cosmetologist Teacher M=Manicurist MT=Manicurist Teacher E=Esthetician ET=Esthetician Teacher


Instructions for Online Course:

1. Click on Payment Button for the Class you wish to purchase.

2. You will be taken to PayPal to make payment. You do not have to have a PayPal account you can use as a guest.

3. After Payment you will receive two emails, one will be your receipt from PayPal, the second will be your Log in information. containing the link to log into your class. PLEASE make sure you enter the correct email address or you will not receive anything, we have had students who typed their email addresses wrong and the system will not know where to send your Log in Information.


Below is an example of the email you will receive:

Subscription ID: 6RG8044110449145E

Login: KL1111

Password: qqlx1111


Verify URL:;KL0884;411111


Click or Copy and Paste the Verify URL into your browser, after you verify, click "Login here" you will be taken to the page to enter your user name and password. In order to not make a mistake it's best to copy and paste them from the email. We have had a lot of students mistype one number or letter wrong and they contact us thinking the program isn't working or they were given the wrong information and every single time it's been a simple mistype on their end. The information is assigned automatically by a program.

The verify page looks like this:

Your account is verified now!




Click the Login here


PLEASE NOTE when you to to the page below to log in, you may want to Bookmark it so it is easier to return to log in if you don't finish your course all at once. You can also go to our Log in page.


The log in page that you want to bookmark looks like this:

Bookmark this page to return to it later.

4. Upon completion of the class you will be taken to a page to fill out the Certificate of Completion stating that you have completed the Online CE Course and when the form is complete, hit submit and the form will be automatically submitted to us and you will also receive a copy to your email address. As an added service when we receive your completion form we will mail out a nice Certificate Award that you may add to your portfolio. YOU DO NOT NEED ANYTHING ELSE.


Please use our Contact Page if you have any problems with our site or classes and we will respond as soon as possible.



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